Liver Cancer

Completing a jig saw puzzle is as good a way as any to transition from one year to the next. Lynne and I like to start one on Boxing Day and get it done early in the new year. We have a half-finished one on the dining room table just now. It’s fortunate that nobody joins us for dinner these days. Each new year is a new puzzle. The one we’re working on first is a 750-piece Ravensburger puzzle. The picture is dominated by a big red Northern Cardinal on a cement bird bath, surrounded by yellow and blue birds, and clusters.

Immortality Ends


It has been 18 years to the day since my mother died. I will always remember her last words to me. She was in her bed in Spruce Lodge, a long term care home in Stratford. I was in a chair pulled up to her side. Her breathing was shallow. I spoke to her mostly to fill in the silence. I’m not much of a conversationalist at the best of times. I get even worse when the person I’m talking to doesn’t respond. After a while, I leaned in close and asked, Are you there, mum? She opened her eyes briefly .

Fishing, birding, waiting

Some of the skills I learned as a young parent are proving useful now. One of these I perfected while teaching my kids to fish. It’s all about waiting. Put a worm on a hook and drop it into the water at the edge of a dock. Then wait for a fish to come along and bite it. Take the fish off, toss it back into the water put on another worm, and wait again. There’s a lot of hurry up and wait during a pandemic. A lot of things happen by accident. Serendipity, you might call it, when the unintended consequence.


The year from hell

I was 28 years old before I had my first night in a hospital. That includes the time I spent being born and learning to breast feed. That happened in the upstairs bedroom of 34 Gala Street in Glasgow. It was roughly nine months after my father was released from the Royal Navy and sent home from the war. My parents already had my older brother on their hands. He was a month short of his second birthday when I arrived. They rented the room in the house next door to my grandparents.

Virtual Phone Number England

Virtual Phone Number England, Traditional advertising methods such as billboards, print ads and billboards are no longer effective. A solid digital strategy can help businesses stand out and attract more clients. Virtual phone numbers are a great choice if you don’t have physical addresses.

Virtual Phone Number Uses England

Identify Goals

We work closely with you to understand and identify your business goals that can be converted into an actionable plan.

Bring Ideas to Life

It is possible to meet clients in cafes, hotels, or at other locations. It is possible to direct clients to the right location by giving them a virtual number. Virtual numbers allow you to give another person your phone number if you are unable to be there. People use their telephone numbers to conduct business. They want to be professional and available

Business Expansion

People use their telephone numbers to conduct business. They want to be professional and available. Although it might seem daunting to set up a virtual number, it is possible. Understanding how virtual numbers fit in to your workflow is crucial.

Virtual Phone Number England

England Virtual Number

Why To Choose Us?

A virtual number lets you give another person your number when you're not available. Many people use their telephone numbers for business purposes. They want to be professional and available. This blog will explore the different virtual number providers and how you can get them on your business cards. A virtual number can be used in England for many different reasons. Many tools are available to help manage your England virtual phone number.

What we Provide Virtual Number

They also help you increase your sales pipeline. It can also help build your brand, and make it more accessible. A virtual phone number is a vital part of any business. Companies can use virtual phones to expand their customer base, and make more money.

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Virtual Phone Number England

Virtual Phone Number England

It can make your business stand out from others. However, helps increase brand recognition. Moreover, is also an excellent tool to increase leads conversions via your website. A virtual number Jordan can be used to do many things
Virtual phone numbers can be useful for multiple purposes. Therefore, Here are some tips for getting a Jordanian virtual number. You can build your brand with a virtual number. Understanding the workings of virtual numbers is essential.
A virtual telephone number refers to a number that has been routed to virtual phones. This virtual phone will show the caller's number and their caller id. This can be extremely useful for many reasons. These factors are important to remember when you choose a virtual phone number. These are the things you need to consider when selecting a virtual phone number.

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