Metropolitan Area Network

Metropolitan Area Network

MAN is the Metropolitan Area Network. It connects multiple networks to share computing resources.

A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a network that connects people within a specific area. It can be one or many cities, towns, It can be one colony or many colonies together it serves them all together and/or an area with many buildings. The term “metropolitan,” however, refers to an area that is served by the network and does not include its demographics.

History of Man & Origins of Metropolitan Area Network :

1994 saw the creation of LANs for data communication between offices and buildings. 1994 saw the creation of LANs. My Country Mobile  To allow data communication between buildings and offices, LANs were established in 1994. However This creates a metropolitan network, which allows data communication between offices and buildings.

Characteristics for MAN –

Its surface is between 5-50km. It can house a number of buildings or the entire city.

And also Data rates for MAN range from moderately high to very high.

MAN uses optical fibers for high-speed connectivity.

Man networks are extremely reliable because of their low error rate.

Man’s Advantages :

MAN provides high-speed connectivity up to 100 Mb/s.

MAN is safer than WAN.

Data can be send simultaneously in both directions using the dual bus architecture.

MAN offers high-speed internet access to multiple users at once.

The Advantages Of MAN:

MAN’s architecture can be complex and difficult to design.

This network was extremely expensive because it required costly fiber optics installation.

This allows you to tolerate fewer faults.

The data transfer rate for MANs is lower than that of LANs.

Man Examples :

Cable TV network.

Government agencies use it.


How does the Metropolitan Area network get built?

Man-machine interfacing (MAN) is a network that connects to other networks. similarly  Mans are often compose of networks from various organizations and are not controls solely by one company.

Many MANs can connect to LANs using fiber optic cables. These fiber optic cables can be lease by ISPs.

Sometimes, the opposite is true. A city may, for example, create and maintain fiber optics networks within its metropolitan area and lease dark fiber to private businesses.

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